Lansdown Grove Hotel, Bath

Dates: 2001-2003

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As the existing stable block had been so altered during its history it was difficult to define a valid precedent for the refurbishment of the structure. The obvious point of reference is the house as almost certainly the two buildings were contemporary.

During consultation with the Built Heritage Group another approach was defined, the consensus was to produce a less retrospective solution. Rather than looking to the original house (circa. 1770) for inspiration, it was felt a more contemporary view to refurbishment would be more appropriate. This design brief coupled with the constraints as regards the over looking restrictions, and eaves heights has basically defined the solution.

Physical Constraints

Due to the proximity of the Eastern boundary it was apparent that a first floor level could offer a platform from which views of the adjacent garden and house might be obtained. Accordingly the floor level has been set in order to prevent views into the garden. Floor levels have been defined so as to retain a common eaves height with the existing wing, and to maintain minimum standards of floor to ceiling heights.

Existing Fabric

It was the intention to reinstate the arch heads to the West elevation, in accordance with Local Plan Policies. The rear elevation had been considerably revised with windows and door openings made with little consideration to an overview. Our proposal rationalises the situation whilst at the same time limiting the amount of demolition by making the best possible use of the existing apertures.

Operational Factors

The service yard has now to provide an acceptable view for guests in the West rooms, particularly at ground floor level, as well as facilitate the part servicing of the hotel. The majority of deliveries are via the hotel's side entrance; it is the private refuse collection vehicle that drives down to the bin store. The revised layout of the stable yard now facilitates a three point turn for this vehicle, negating a reversing manoeuvre the length of the drive.


  • Previous applications were an overdevelopment of the site. The current solution provides a much needed extension of room numbers and a net loss of the built footprint on the site. This solution consequently benefits the setting of the Listed Building.
  • Research demonstrated that the Hotel's marketing policies and operational systems sufficiently reduce the guest/car ratio to a level which can be accommodated by the proposed provision.
  • The proposal has been well researched, developed over an eighteen month period of consultation, and competently designed to provide the hotel with a new use for an existing building, which was in need of major repair.